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Program Goals

Fine-motor development

Movement patterns
Muscle strength
Hand function (grip, release, reach and manipulation)
Eye movement
Motor planning
Hand-eye coordination
Hand skills using tools and equipment

Cognitive development

Shape, colour, number and time concepts
Problem solving
Decision making
Attention and concentration

Emotional development

Experience and expression

Perpetual development

Shape and space perception

Creativity development

Whole-brain thinking
Creative experience

Life skills development

Evaluation of product
Identity mistakes and correct them
Organisation and responsibility for own work area

Skills under Development

Finally, an extra-mural activity that your child will love and that will develop skills needed for school and life!! Struggling with skills that are not properly developed can lead to a child suffering unnecessary stress at school and later on in life.

By using pottery and child-related craft lessons as a medium a lot of very important skills with specific goals are practiced. As with any skill that must be accomplished, practice makes perfect - thus our lessons are ongoing.
By making use of professionals in their field Beaux-Arts Kidz Kraftz developed a Creativity, Educational and Motor-Skills Development Programme. The Creativity and Whole Brain Development was done in consultation with Dr Kobus Neethling, President of the Creativity Foundation of South Africa, and the Motor-Skills Development Programme in consultation with Betsie Vlok, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, Stellenbosch University.
Lessons are half an hour, weekly and offered at schools (who allow our Franchisees to make use of a classroom) or at other venues.

All lessons are based on fun and games. To add to the fun, Beaux-Arts have their own Lesson-Songs that will be played during the lessons. These songs are to set the ambiance, to ensure that all children in the group are focused and that the muscles are warmed up – and that our students are ready to learn and practice a skill.

Some of the skills that are focused on include: 

  • CREATIVITY DEVELOPMENT - all lessons are presented to implement whole brain thinking, using methodologies supported by Dr. Kobus Neethling. Children are motivated to solve their own problems that creation will present. 
  • FINE-MOTOR DEVELOPMENT - including muscle strength, hand function, hand coordination, hand skills and very importantly, eye movements. 
  • COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT - including concepts like shapes, numbers, colours, attention, concentration and memory.
  • EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT - including cooperation, experience and expression.
  • PERCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT -  including shape and space perception as well as directionality. 
  • LIFE SKILLS - by ensuring students evaluate their end result, identify and correct faults and that they know they must organize, and that they are responsible for their own workspace.
The skills Beaux-Arts Kidz Kraftz tutors are important for tasks like reading, writing, problem solving, thinking out of the box, social interaction, etc. And all this happens by having fun with clay and crafts in a safe environment.
Head Office Address

38 Camdebo Street,
Loevenstein, Cape Town,
Western Cape, South Africa


Phone: +27 (021) 913 7444
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