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We, at Beaux-Arts, hone childrens' creative skills by using pottery and craft lessons as a medium. We predominantly use tried-and-tested methodologies endorsed by Dr. Kobus Neethling and supported by the Kobus Neethling Group.

Linda Lloyd, franchisor and NBI Whole Brain Practitioner, holds to: "Creativity requires whole-brain thinking coupled with right-brain imagination, artistry and intuition, and left-brain logic and planning. With our lessons we give our students a two-pronged approach: using the right-brain they can use their imagination and use guided freedom to experiment on a creation and using the left-brain to plan their creation and follow the necessary steps.

As we use predominantly methodologies supported by the Kobus Neethling Group, our Franchisees also receive Whole Brain training in workshops by the South African Creativity Foundation: to this end we are a child-related extra-mural activity that is endorsed by Dr. Kobus Neethling, President of the South African Creativity Foundation (Incorporated with the Kobus Neethling Group).

We have developed a motor-skills development programme in consultation with Betsie Vlok, occupational therapist and lecturer in occupational therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Stellenbosch.
Our programme is accompanied by Lesson-Songs.
Franchisees and their employees also receive ongoing training, by specialists in their field, in pottery, arts and crafts to ensure that we use cutting-edge techniques with age-old pottery skills.

Beaux-Arts Kidz Kraftz, Beaux-Arts Creativity!, the Arty logo (Left hand with face and text "ARTY") and 'Free your child's creative spirit with pottery' are registered trade marks of Linda Lloyd CC. Our trademarks are also registered in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. 


Meet the Founder

Beaux-Arts was founded in 1996 by Linda Lloyd (while eight months pregnant) in Kempton Park, South Africa. After a year as a pilot franchise, she became an associate member of the Franchise Association of Southern Africa in 1997, and a full member in 1998. By June 2001 she had franchisees servicing schools in one hundred and one cities, towns and municipalities throughout South Africa. She trains all her franchisees herself : except for full product training, she also teaches them business and marketing skills - and also trains the teachers and managers they employ. Her franchisees are highly qualified and share a rich gene pool.

Linda Lloyd is also a registered NBI® Whole Brain Practitioner ( 

Head Office Address

38 Camdebo Street,
Loevenstein, Cape Town,
Western Cape, South Africa


Phone: +27 (021) 913 7444
Fax: +27 (021) 913 7444